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A. The provisions of this chapter are restrictive only and establish no new rights for a person who engages in smoking. Notwithstanding (1) any provision of this chapter or other provisions of this code, (2) any failure by any person to restrict smoking under this chapter, or (3) any explicit or implicit provision of this code that allows smoking in any place, nothing in this code shall be interpreted to limit any person’s legal rights under other laws with regard to smoking, including, for example, rights in nuisance, trespass, property damage, and personal injury or other legal or equitable principles.

B. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, smoking marijuana for medical purposes as permitted by Health and Safety Code Section 11362.7 et seq. is not prohibited by this chapter.

C. For all purposes within the jurisdiction of the City, nonconsensual exposure to smoke occurring on or drifting into residential property is a nuisance, and the uninvited presence of smoke on residential property is a nuisance and a trespass. Any person bringing a civil action to enforce the nuisance provision contained in this section need not prove an injury different in kind or in degree from injury to others to prove a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 1030 § 2(5), 2018; Ord. 978 § 1, 2011)